Why Hangover Samui?

Everyone eats, and Koh Samui has some of the best food in the world. Most of us love to eat, and combine the amazing tastes here, with the absolutely stunning view Koh Samui has to offer, and you end up with an amazing dinning experience. Sometimes these things become a bit of a pain due to traffic, rain and other conditions we face with island life. It would be nice to stay home and enjoy the sunset, or just stay at the hotel and dine near the pool. Grab your phone, tablet, or laptop and order dinner. Not only order dinner but know that it is from quality restaurants, places who are passionate about the food they prepare. Hangover Samui also provides its customers with some of the best customer service in Samui.

What it takes to join

Hangover Samui has an office full of drivers and office staff that shows up to work 15 - 30 minutes early every day. We have one of the best working teams around. As the owner, I have let them know that the company is theirs so they should run it accordingly. Our drivers are the face of Hangover Samui. I have explained to them that in order for this to work, we have to be a team. This includes you as a restaurant owner / manager. When you join up, you become part of the team. We have built a very easy to use system online that works with phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. We are constantly updating, changing and making improvements based on your feedback and our customers’ feedback. You simply log in, set your hours and add your menu. We even give you the take - away packaging. It is 100% free for you to join; we only ask that you use the system. You maintain your menu, hours and other aspects of your restaurant / listing. If you are closed, please remember to log on and close your listing. If you run out of something, make sure to log in and set it as inactive. It’s not hard, but in order for this to work well we all have to do our part. Here is how it all works. A customer who is on the website can view your listing and are able to select the items they want to eat and then order with a press or tap of a button. The order comes to us and using our online ordering / delivery system we see the order, and give you a call. You will also be sent an email of the order, use it... It helps to make the ordering easier on all of us! We also give each item a "Code Number" so we can simply say, “I need a #6 chicken with hot sauce”. We ask you how long it will take to cook (we need to know this information for a few reasons) because we need to know how long it will take for our driver to get to the food. We want our drivers waiting on the food, vs. the food waiting on the driver. Once the driver reaches you, he counts the number of items, as he also has a copy of the order. He then pays you and leaves to deliver the food. That’s it; your job is done with us. We handle 100% of the customer service. All you have to do is use the system. We do offer customer service as no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. If we see that a restaurant is making the same mistake over and over such as forgetting to mark your self closed and not telling any one or forgetting to set items inactive when you’re out, we will remove them from active status. We are all about the service. The places that we do have on our site are good places; they have good service and excellent food and we would strive to keep it that way.

Whats next?

To sign up click here (https://www.hangoversamui.com/members/signup), this is our "Members" area. Once you sign up, you just add your menu, set your hours, and add your restaurant info. Once that is complete we look it over and set your listing live! We will not let you down! If you need help we will help you, teach you and work with you to make sure that you understand and can use the tools we have provided. You can contact us by phone, sms, email, facebook, line and in person.