american bbq Cuisine

Barbecue is one of the specialties of American cuisine. Originally a Caribbean cooking style, meat was cooked slowly over the indirect heat of an open pit. Some of the first Spanish Conquistadors learned the technique of using young green wood as a means of keeping the flame low to allow the meat to cook without burning. They referred to this new style of cooking as “barbacoa” which eventually lead to the word Barbecue which is commonly used today. As these explorers ventured north over the continent they took this new cooking style with them until it eventually reached North America. American Barbecue cooking became a common cooking technique used all over the continent but especially took root in the southern states during the colonial era. Due to milder weather conditions and the slower pace of life in the south, barbeque became a common community event and continues today as an important part of American culture. Traditionally barbecue used only pork. Unlike cows, which required large amounts of feed and enclosed spaces, pigs were relatively cheaper to raise. They could even be let loose to forage and feed in the woods which lead to leaner healthier cuts of meat. But as the colonists moved westward they had more land and larger farms which in turn gave them more varied cuts of meat. Along with pork, mutton and beef quickly became a common part of the American Barbecue menu. Today people world wide will grill just about anything and American Barbeque Restaurants in particular have gained popularity. From a thick juicy steak and some tender pork ribs to chicken and even veggie burgers people love to be outdoors barbecuing on their grills. Koh Samui is no exception with amazing American Barbecue restaurants offering perfectly grilled burgers and steaks for all those hungry carnivores out there. Take a look though our American Barbecue Restaurants section, place your order and let our drivers deliver some delicious smoky bbq flavor right to your door !!