american Cuisine

The United States of America is often referred to as a “melting pot”. It’s a nation that was founded by a varied mix of immigrants who each brought with them a piece of their own diverse culture. Just like the ingredients in a good recipe, each one blended together mixing and influencing one another to create something that has a unique flavor all it’s own. This is evident thorough out American culture from language to fashion and especially in American food. Americans have developed their own flavorful menu by adopting the cuisine of many different countries; mixing, mashing, baking and grilling them into dishes that are uniquely American foods. While they have their roots in far away lands we are all familiar with the foods that have become icons of the American diet. There’s nothing more American than a big juicy burger with a side of fries and a slice of warm apple pie. Luckily for those of us on Koh Samui, Hangover Samui can bring the taste of our best American Restaurants right to your front door. Whether you’re craving a big burger piled high with lots of toppings, something smoky off the grill, a classic hero sandwich or even some gooey mac and cheese you’ll be sure to fine it at one of the American restaurants listed in our American food section. Place your order now and let our staff bring a big plate of good old American flavor to your table tonight.