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Traditional Swedish food is simple in comparison with other European cuisines but it is anything but ordinary. Known as Husmanskost in Swedish it once referred to most kinds of simple countryside food but has come to represent savory stews, roasts, and various seafood. Simple cooking methods are common such as roasting or boiling and spices are used sparingly. We have the Swedes to thank for one of the ultimate in food presentation styles… the Smorgasbord. The literal meaning of the word is "bread and butter table" and the term has become world famous, representing a collection of various foods presented all at once. This tradition paved the way for modern all you can eat buffets….thank you Sweden !! The traditional Swedish smörgåsbord commonly includes herring, smoked eel, roast beef, jellied fish, boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam and of course Swedish meatballs which have also won worldwide acclaim. Sweden's climate and location are largely responsible for the development of its cuisine. The Swedish culinary tradition is very much a culture of food storage. Early inhabitants stocked food supplies to prepare for the start of the country's long, cold winters by preserving meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Surrounded by water on almost all sides, it is no surprise that Swedes love seafood, especially salmon, which is typically smoked, marinated, or cured with dill and salt. Herring, another popular fish, is prepared in just as many ways, and is often eaten alongside breads, cheese, and eggs for breakfast. Hangover Samui has many great restaurants to choose from including some great Swedish Restaurants that will cook you up some authentic Swedish food right here in Koh Samui. Try out our fast easy to use ordering system and before you know it you will be enjoying some warm hearty traditional Swedish cuisine right in the comfort of your own kitchen.