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What Should you Order from the Basilicom?

What Should you Order from the Basilicom?

A Mediterranean themed restaurant located on the beaches of Chaweng, this location lets you indulge in foreign flavors all the while taking in the tropical climate around you. A perfect blend of a place where fun meets sophisticated, the Basilicom allows you to choose between a wide variety of dishes, not just limited to Mediterranean flavors but also extending to Thai and Italian cuisine as well. A unique combination of menu items, this brings about a stark contrast in the flavors you can expect here, as all three of the cuisines are widely different in how the tongue perceives them. Italian cuisine is more concerned with delicate flavors that work together. 

Herbs, cheeses and fresh olive oil find themselves being used in many dishes and the idea is to preserve a delicate balance between taste, smell and presentation. Mediterranean flavors make more of an impact, dragging your mind down to beaches unfamiliar from any you have experienced in Koh Samui. A different land altogether, the food culture here is vibrant, with the use of beans and spices prevalent across many dishes. Anyone who wants to try a mouth full of flavor needs to try Mediterranean cuisine at least once in their lives. As for Thai cuisine, a form of food widely available in Koh Samui, it needs no formal introduction of its own. Rich flavors of chillies, spices, fresh herbs, curries and much more blend together to create meticulous dishes that can transport you straight to heaven. 

A place serving a global mix of food, you know that you are about to receive impeccable taste when you order from this crowd favourite. They even have a bakery inside the restaurant from where you can order fresh baked bread, pastries and even beverages. Another kind of food that this restaurant is especially famous for is being one of the few locations in Koh Samui to serve Israeli fare. What this means is that now you have access to Israeli bread, falafel, kebabs, hummus and a variety of Israeli classics that you may otherwise not have had access to in this tropical paradise. 

The unique ambience inside the restaurant set the vibes for a pleasant eating experience, with the food being prepared right before you. Both the appetite is stimulated and you discover that waiting for the time to pass is not such a monotonous experience after all. As far as what specific kinds of food are available here, you are bound to find something that you want to eat. With an expansive menu, there is something for everyone to choose from. Meat lovers can try out various intoxicating dishes, while fish lovers have a plethora of options to call their own. And as for those vegetarians who may be feeling that they might be left out from enjoying a dish or two at this wonderful restaurant you will be surprised to find out that this locations serves a wide variety of delicious vegetarian foods. Not only do you get ample variety to choose from, but you may find yourself coming back again and again to try out their other vegetarian dishes that you did not get to try the first time around. Delicious, healthy and not a tight pinch on the pocket, Basilicom is the place to go if you want to enjoy a meal in a location that is fun, exotic and full of good food.

That the chefs at the Basilicom try to do all their cooking by themselves gets proven when you look at the way they handle wheat products. Not only do they make their own bread by hand, but they also make it a point to roll out their pasta each day from scratch, giving you a unique taste that you are not likely to find anywhere else on the beach front. A location that caters to large quantities of food as well, such as those required for parties or big events, the Basilicom is also used to creating large quantities of food to serve multiple diners at the same time. The use of fresh and high quality raw materials ensures that the ingredients add their own distinct flavours to the dishes, making the final creation one where each ingredient stands out. Not only is the dish one coherent structure that is pleasing to the nose and beautiful to the eyes, but after eating, you will discover that each ingredient of the food has retained much of its original freshness, making for an exhilarating experience while eating. Open seven days a week, you can find food for anything from breakfast to lunch to dinner here, and they all make for interesting additions to the days diet. Try the shakshuka for breakfast, perhaps some falafels, hummus and bread for lunch, and a rich Thai curry for dinner. 

By the end of the day, you will feel as if you have walked through several different countries at once. The amount of international exposure you can get from one location is stunning, as the Basilicom takes your tongue on a global tour around all the places it bases its menu off of. Whether you have ever visited these countries or not, or whether you speak their languages, you will still gain an inherent understanding of the people and their culture through indulging in the food that they consume on a daily basis.

Designed to be a place where the foods are kept basic and simple, the flavours you will be tasting are very close to the original flavours found in the original homelands. Created by a team of chefs who have studied their craft long enough to know it thoroughly, you can rest assured that bad food is not something you have to worry about when you choose to dine at the Basilicom. With large enough portion sizes and delicious food, the only thing you need to watch out for is that you do not accidentally order too much and wind up with a lot of food to take back home. So what are some of the recommended dishes you should order from the Basilicom?

Which dishes should you opt for when you dine at the Basilicom?

Basilicom offers a wide variety of dishes, and as such it can be intimidating to decide what to choose when you come to eat here. Ranging from different cuisines to accounting for different tastes, in order to have the best dining experience you must ensure that you know what you want to eat. To begin with, this is one of the few places in Koh Samui that serve up delicious Israeli fare, so if you are in the food for something from another part of the world, then come right up. But even if you were to try Israeli food, what should you order? Here are a list of foods you should definitely try when you come to the Basilicom.

  1. Hummus: A dish made by combining ingredients such as chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt, olive oil, and any others accounting for personal taste – this dish is a traditional one that every Israeli has tried at some point in their life. The version at the Basilicom sticks to the traditional recipe, presenting to you the taste of a world gone by.
  2. Shakshuka: A recipe that is generally had for breakfast, for all egg lovers out there, this is a dish that they should definitely experience. Made by poaching eggs in a mixture of tomato sauce, chilli peppers and onions, what you get is a spicy yet flavourful dish. Although somewhat spicy, this dish brings home the exotic flavours of many African countries, and what shines through is a unique way of eating eggs that was at one time, only known in one part of the world.
  3. Mouther’s Cousous: A dish of handmade couscous served with a delicious soup, this dish is for those who want to warm their souls after a full day of fun and activity. The soup is made by combining parsley, chickpeas, zucchini, potatoes and tomatoes to make a flavourful vegetable soup. When this is combined with the couscous, what results is a heavenly experience for the tongue as it takes an exotic trip through unfamiliar yet delicious routes.
  4. Taboon Pizzas: Tired of all those fast food chains serving pizzas that all seem to taste exactly the same? That is something you never have to worry about when you are at Basilicom. A location where fresh ingredients meets handmade bread, you can rest assured that when you order pizza, what you are going to get is an authentic dish that will take you right to the heart of Italy. With various different kinds of toppings to choose between, indulge your senses as you find yourself presented with one of the most delicious pizzas you have faced in a while.
  5. Tel Aviv Special Bread: The chefs at the Basilicom like to bake their own bread, and this variety is no different. But what makes the Tel Aviv Special Bread stand out is their special ingredients which makes it a bread like no other. Taken straight from the ‘Must Try’ section of their menu, if you are looking for bread that could change your life, this might easily be it.
  6. Summer Quinoa Salad: The addition of eggplants, sweet potatoes and cucumber adds color and depth to a dish that might otherwise have come off as plain. The way the plate is conceptualized does justice to the summer season, with refreshing tastes meeting vibrant colors throughout. A dish that is shaped like a boat, its base is that of bread, very similar to a pizza. Some other ingredients you will find in this dish include eggs, basil, tomatoes, garlic, olives and cheese. With just a hint of coleslaw to add a little more texture to the meal, you are all set to feast on what could be one of your most satisfying meals yet.
  7. Kebabs: For all those meat lovers out there, you never have to feel left out as you sample your way through their delicious meat platters, grilled to perfection. Their chicken steaks are superb, and their salmon steak adds a layer of the earth to a product of the sea. If you want an inclusive experience, then you should go for their Jerusalem Mix, a dish that lets you experience all the wonderful kebabs in the same plate. As long as you are looking for some delicious meat, Basilicom has it for you.
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