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Top Ten Pizza Restaurants in Koh Samui

Top Ten Pizza Restaurants in Koh Samui

Pizza is just one of those foods that have evolved with people over time. A dish that was once unique and foreign, the ease of making it combined with its delicious taste soon made it a fast food favorite. The use of diverse ingredients consistently changes the flavor profile of this dish, with ingredients ranging from fruits like pineapple to delicious meat bases like beef. The two consistent toppings you will find with most pizzas are cheese and a tomato base. But even that finds diversity with different kinds of cheeses. Some pizzas forsake tomato sauce for a white sauce base, and that comes with its own charm.

The great thing about being a pizza lover is that you are bound to find a place that both serves and delivers pizza somewhere near where you live. Widely available and easily accessible, pizza is a comfort food that can easily be incorporated into our daily lives. But that does not mean that it does not come without its own limitations. The taste of pizza widely differs from place to place, and this includes those served at fast food restaurants. The thicker bread base along with the carefully measured amount of toppings is vastly different from what you might find even in a small restaurant in Italy. And each new place comes equipped with its own brand of recipes. The higher you go in the amount you are willing to pay, the more diverse varieties you can access. From soft crust to interesting combination of toppings, you find even blue cheese and expensive meats as toppings on pizza. You are bound to eventually get bored of the food you are being served at your local place, and that is exactly when you can depend on an online food delivery service. Extend your reach to joints that are far away from where you live, and obtain easy access to a variety of good pizza, all day, every day.

Koh Samui comes equipped with its own arsenal of brilliant food joints, and pizza is definitely on that list. If you are looking for good pizza, but do not know where to start, then look no further than this list to find the ten best places in Koh Samui to order pizza from.

Ten Best Places in Koh Samui that Serve the Best Pizza

Whether eaten piping hot, or as cold leftovers for breakfast, the taste of pizza never fails to disappoint. How good a pizza is is ultimately decided by the personal preferences of the person consuming the dish. A person who loves a fruity tang to their pizza should definitely go for something that has pineapples in it. However, no matter what your personal tastes are, the first thing you need to ensure when thinking about buying pizza is that you have a basic idea of what the menu entails. By doing just a little bit of research beforehand, you ensure that you do not have to face the disappointment of eagerly waiting for your pizza, only to discover that it is more substandard than you expected. Just because a place sells pizza, does not mean that it is good pizza.

That is where this list comes in, guiding you towards the ten best places in Koh Samui to eat delicious pizza from, without having to worry about either the taste or the affordability.

  1. Da Bardo: Taking inspiration from the tropics, this restaurant has transformed its theme to one that fully explores the wonderland of the tropics. A visual treat as well as one for the palate, an experienced Italian chef serves up dishes that take you right to Italy. It is easy to visualize yourself sitting in a Trattoria in Italy, enjoying a delicious meal. When you buy food from here, you taste authentic Italy. On the list of their best sellers is the wonderful Salami Picante. It is essentially a dish that combines mozzarella, tomatoes and salami and tastes like a divine mixture of the same. The use of quality ingredients makes for wonderful food at the end of the day. If you are a vegetarian, then they offer a vegetarian and a four cheese pizza as well. If you want to try something different, go for a Calzone. It is basically a pizza that has been wrapped to form a semicircle with the filling inside. The Frutti di Mare ensures that there is something for seafood lovers as well.

  1. Cibo e Vino by Vecchia Napoli: A restaurant that is slightly on the more expensive side when it comes to pizzas, it is nonetheless a restaurant that serves up some of the best authentic Italian cuisines in town. The use of a rustic interior beckons the imagination to retreat to the traditional restaurants of Italy. A brilliant place to feast in, it even utilizes a wood fire oven to bake the pizza in. A dish you should definitely try here is their anti-pasti, a great started to begin the meal with. Cold cuts, olives and bruschetta combine to make a heavenly meal. Their lasagna is another item worth feasting on. Among their pizzas, the seafood and Margherita pizza are highly recommended. And if you ever order from here, do not miss out on their crab ravioli!

  1. Sa-Mons: Food does not get more delicious than the food served at this joint. With a wide variety of innovative ingredients, you would be hard pressed to find a better venue that offers the same range and delights. The use of bread baked right in the location adds a personal flavor to their creations, and you know that you can expect something amazing when you order food from here. It A recommended pizza is the bacon, cream and mushroom one. Although the selection sounds strange, the final result is ultimately incredible. Smoky bacon combines with delicious cream and cheese to create a dish that attacks the senses. After you finish eating your pizza, you can easily turn to one of their rich ice creams for a satisfying ending to a spectacular meal.

  1. Gusto Italiano: Located in Bophut, the unique selling point of this restaurant is its location right next to the beach. Here you can enjoy the taste of authentic Italian cuisine as you take in the view of the waves around you and blend food with nature. If you are a fan of pizza and bruschetta, then this is definitely the place to go. The cuisine available is of great quality and ranges between cold cuts, anti pasti, salads, soup and pasta. Of course pizza forms a major part of the diet. Try their Bufalina pizza, a dish that utilizes buffalo mozzarella to achieve delicious results. Another dish worth investing in is the Quattro formagi, where the cheese and crust combine to give an overwhelming experience. Their salmon pizza also deserves special mention. If you are someone that likes spicy food, then opt for the Vulcano, a dish so hot and fiery that it is only meant for the brave. If you love deserts, then this location boasts a powerful collection. Try their tiramisu, or their cheese platter with honey. Even their Cannoli Sicilliani simply just melts on the tongue.

  1. Casa Italia: Another joint located in Bophut, this place is especially renowned for its Italian comfort food. The wonderful collection of gelatos and coffee work to overpower the presence of pizza, but that does not mean that the pizza is subpar. To start your meal off with, order a starter platter. It comes with cold cuts and olives, beautifully decorated in a plate alongside bread. Their cheese and meat starter, a dish that combines toasts, assorted cheeses, olives and Italian ham with cold cuts, it is definitely one perfect for the tummy. Among their famous gelatos, try the salted butter caramel or their cookies and cream variety. Their seafood pizza and ham and cheese pizza deserve special mentions. An ideal meal here would be an espresso, followed by a seafood pizza, and finished by a Ferrero Rocher gelato.

  1. Nigel’ Pizza: Located in Maenam, this place is a great location to experience the taste of authentic Italian pizzas. The owner, Nigel, prepares all the bases at home, and this joint is take out only. Although the selection is limited, you get the free reign to select whichever toppings you want, making for an unbelievable variety in the final product. The Meaty Blues is definitely a recommendation should you ever eat from here. It consists of homemade Italian sausage, salami, ham, blue cheese, mozzarella cheese, and a perfectly baked crust topped off with tomato sauce.

  1. Dr. Frogs: The stunning decor is enough to make you want to spend money, if only just to sit here. There is a great variety in the pizza available here, starting from the simple yet traditional tomato and cheese and working all the way up to combinations with truffle oil and lobster. Their Capriccioso utilizes their signature sauce in combination with ham, mushroom, olives, salami and mozzarella cheese. Their base is thin, and with a crispy texture. The use of fresh quality toppings makes for an unforgettable experience when it comes to dining.

  1. Celli`s: Run by an elderly Italian couple, the general vibe of the place is friendly and warm. The idea is to place you in an environment where you feel comfortable, while you relish your meal. They use wood wired as well as semolina dust to make exhilarating meals. The use of excellent sauce, which when combined with cheese, make for a wonderful combination. Their isolated location ensures that you never have to deal with big crowds when you come here.

  1. Antica Locanda: The use of various toppings along with a thin and crispy base make the pizza at this location stand out. An Italian chef brings pride to his homeland by recreating authentic dishes in creative ways. Try their pizza, ravioli and tiramisu for an experience in Italian dining.

  1. Prego: A place to indulge in various Italian classics, this location is a pleasure trip for the tongue. From burrata cheese on marinated tomatoes, to imported Australian Angus beef, this location ensures that they have the best quality ingredients. Their pizzas are cooked over a wooden fire, adding that rustic taste to the dish. All this food is available as reasonable prices, making this joint a hit with a loyal fan base. 

As long as you are looking for good quality pizza, Koh Samui is full of locations that can delight your senses. From intoxicating scents to aromatic palates, pizza has never tasted so good.

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