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Places To Eat On Ko Samui

The natural splendor of Koh Samui is not only its stunning beaches and amazing laidback ambiance, but also its superb restaurant experiences. Dining in Koh Samui is part of any luxury beach holiday experience, and restaurants on the island serve sophisticated, gourmet menus for great dining experience. Without any doubt, Koh Samui is now a culinary destination with several world-class restaurants featuring innovative and extremely brilliant chefs, from real conventional Thai cuisine to contemporary fusion creations. Koh Samui’s restaurants have got countless flavors for you to uncover. With that said, here are 7 of the several top-class restaurants in Koh Samui.
1. Kiree restaurant
Tasteful, well designed and intimate Kiree restaurant is aimed at people who appreciate fine dining at a reasonable cost. Located amidst a hillside forest, kiree brings refined guests an unforgettable epicurean experience that exceeds all expectations. The stylish, exquisite ambiance of the air-conditioned interior has deluxe decor and a tremendous outdoor patio with views of the cerulean waters of the Gulf of Thailand above the tree line. Enjoy the warmest Thai hospitality and unique service plus advanced culinary treats paying homage to local recipes via their rendition of marinades, sweet-smelling flavors, seasonal ingredients and authentic cooking styles.
2. Namu
Taking its name from the Korean word for wood, Namu is a sensual dining experience that combines the basic life elements to create a new culinary world. For real gourmet lovers seeking a menu that is innovative and exciting, Namu has a reputation for taking diners on an extraordinary culinary journey. The innovative menu at Namu provides a diverse range of wonderful dining experience, whilst preserving innate flavor profiles. In preserving the conventional Asian dining concept, a shared table concept that celebrates the compatible textures and flavors is encouraged. Diners can also opt to sit outside on the beachside terrace or at one of the six tables indoors.
3. Saffron
Saffron is one of Samui's most accomplished and is definitely the place to head to if you are a fine-dining enthusiast. The distinct flavors of the conventional Thai dishes are created with authenticity at saffron while age-old recipes are re-invented to add fresh appeal to the restaurant. With views over the bay through floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor dining terrace, surrounded by greenery, saffron is a truly hidden dining gem. The evocative décor of this restaurant creates a quite sophistication for diners to enjoy some of the best Thai food on the island in an incredible location. If you are looking for that perfect restaurant to spend nice times with your loved ones, saffron should top your list.
4. Jahn Restaurant
The sunset views of the Conrad restaurant are tremendous. Apart from being elegant, peaceful and simply stunning, it presents its dishes in a way that depicts the journey of the ingredients. While the interior may create a classic style and the ambiance of its indoor far richer with an extravagant black and gold décor with pillars, the menu is focused on modern Thai dishes with a tasting menu and wine pairing. The upscale quality of Jahn, its interesting contemporary menu, and wonderful moonlit restaurant setting combine to create a unique appeal. Jahn is indeed a restaurant to beat.
5. Kob Thai
With an excellent service, a relaxing atmosphere and yummy food, Kob Thai is an incredible place for the best of Thai menus. It offers genuine Thai food in a calm tropical setting, just off the main hub of Lamai Beach road. The chef at the Kob Thai prepares all the classic meals of Thai cuisine from exceptional seafood to spicy salads to delectable Thai desserts, all at affordable rates. In addition, the restaurant has an outdoor swimming pool for children to splash in, therefore make sure you bring along some swimwear. When it is dark, the pool and the garden are lighted with multi-hued lights, producing an absolutely sensational atmosphere.
6. Ocean 11 Restaurant and Lounge
Ocean 11 Restaurant & Lounge is one of the best go-to restaurants in Koh Samui. Despite its name, it is a fine dining restaurant that skillfully combines the best German, French, Italian, and Thai cuisine into exclusive fusion dinners. This restaurant has a stylish and exquisite style without having to be too pretentious. While its setting by the beach side is perfect, Ocean 11 is known for its classic menu created by a professional chef who has been in the cooking business for years. The tranquil interior leads out to a teak dining patio and tables on a raised sand terrace by the beach. The whole place can contain up to 25 people and its popularity means that it can fill up fast in the high season, therefore booking ahead is advised. Overall, it is a great choice for a romantic meal.

7. Red Snapper

Thinking that the nightly live band featured by red snapper would not exactly make it to totally focused on its food is extremely wrong. This Chaweng restaurant thinks big in terms of employing international chefs and has a wide range of impressive menu. At Red Snapper, get ready to enjoy dishes like roasted snow fish fillet in chorizo oil, roasted duck breast with wine sauce and polenta, a huge selection of nourishing salads and treats. The wine list at red snapper is top-of-the-line on the island with brands from across the globe. Red snapper has the ability to offer a comprehensive range of fine-dining experience.

8. Pepenero

Devoted to local Italian food lovers, pepenero delivers the most traditional pasta dishes, along with regional recipes.The Italian approach to their food is awesome. It offers a wide range of the best Italian cold cuts and cheese, Caprese with exceptional Italian bruschettas, mozzarella and salads. Pepenero has a highly-rated wine list and also suggests homemade desserts. The common element of Pepenero is the respect it has for original recipes as all their menus are freshly prepared. In addition, they offer the most popular international and Italian cocktails including Negroni, Mojito, Spritz, Sbagliato and Gin Tonic, using the best brands and authentic recipes. This restaurant is a must-visit to all local Italian food lovers. I strongly suggest you make bookings in advance.

9. Zazen restaurant

When it comes to impressive dining, Zazen restaurant is fully loaded. It is an award-winning restaurant that presents the local Thai regional dishes with great dining touches, sprinkled all through with culinary brio and style. Zazen is well-known for the top quality of its meals and services. Their menu includes caramelized duck breast with zucchini, spices and pruned stew with ginger, grilled assorted lobster, sea scallops, wagyu beef tartare with wasabi and tomatoes compote with black seed etc. The extent of the care put into each dish may be reflected in the high cost of dining here, but the presentation of food is tremendously artistic and the staff spares no effort in working towards perfection and to make you feel at home. Whether it is a romantic event or for a family occasion, Zazen remains the ideal place to experience an unforgettable evening.

10. Classico, central Bophut

Classico restaurant put together fantastic cuisine with a relaxed atmosphere. With an emphasis on fresh seafood, it offers different special menus all through the week such as oyster or lobster. In addition, Classico extensive wine list and Mediterranean inspired menu are very tempting. You can proceed to the ocean view patio for romantic ambiance or feel the dazzling and vibrant life of fisherman’s village (where it is located) in the front bar area.

11. Sala

This restaurant leads the way in creative modern cuisine within an elegant contemporary setting. It offers a menu that is caringly comprehensive from the conventional Thai cuisine to the modern European that reveals the beauty of the Asian culture. All the foods serve are thoroughly prepared to make sure that every food retains the richness of flavor in a traditional sense. Their choice of ingredients is chosen from beyond the island which assists in their unbeatable food quality. This home-like restaurant has limited seats. Thus to ensure you experience the food magic, it is advised you book ahead. Unique, artistic and modern – these 3 words perfectly adds up Sala restaurant. 

12. Gourmand Samui

Located in Bophut’s fisherman's village, between Nirvana restaurant and Samui boat charter, Gourmand has all the assets of a Parisian bistro. It has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a natural warm colored décor, and a top-quality French homemade cuisine. Gourmand serves a good choice of French specialties using local and imported ingredients. Although the menu is pretty short, it contains enough succulent delicacies for those in search of a French-treat in Samui. Prices of foods at gourmand are affordable based on the freshness and quality of the food. Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by the very friendly owners who will make you feel at home.

13. Yin Yang

Featuring a classy yet simple innovative styles décor, Yin Yang is in line with its close business competitors with which it shares the sea view to the north. Although it is new on the busy Bophut’s seafront restaurants scene, it serves an outstanding choice of Thai favorites such as fried squid with pepper and garlic, shrimps with basil leaves etc. Yin Yang Zazen is also perfect when you want to have a table for two.

14. The Hut Café

This restaurant is an amazing and unflashy family owned business, serving delicious homemade Thai specialties at affordable rates. From massaman along with other curries to fresh seafood to timeless Thai meals, the Hut Café serves nourishing, well-prepared food in an exceedingly serene atmosphere. Dozens of tables are added regularly to seat customers in front or inside, for the al fresco experience. I strongly suggest you make bookings ahead.

Do you plan traveling to Samui? Whether you are after a romantic evening or a hearty seafood meal with friends, Koh Samui will not disappoint. For more details and a complete exclusive guide that will assist you to gain the most of your holiday.

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