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Order The Best Healthy Food In Koh Samui

Order The Best Healthy Food In Koh Samui

Many people around the world have begun to adopt a clean and wholesome diet into their lifestyle. A lot of us feel like we can eat healthier, but do not know where to begin. With our hectic, fast-paced lives, cooking a whole meal from scratch is quite tedious and time-consuming. If we choose to eat out, our options for healthy food are limited. 

Eating healthy also comes with its restrictions. While some are okay with eating smaller portions, others feel the need to cut out certain foods from their diet altogether. While keeping these needs in mind, several restaurants have begun to conceptualize healthy eating. You will find that these places have tailored food targeted to the diet conscious people.

Some people are already very committed to eating healthy. While following a diet becomes a part of our daily routines, we need a break once in a while. Going on a vacation can give us the peace of mind we all need and deserve. For someone who wishes to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle at all times, a vacation might cause them a fear of losing track and perhaps, over-indulging. 

Koh Samui is an island city, often called the holiday paradise. This beautiful vacation spot is located in Thailand, the country of beaches and rich heritage. If you are planning to vacation in Koh Samui, you will find plenty of healthy food options for you to explore. 

Whether you are planning a night out or a relaxing day in, you can get the best healthy food in Koh Samui delivered to your doorstep. When in Koh Samui, the food delivery service Hangover Samui is your best friend. With a large number of restaurant choices right at your fingertips, you can pick the dish of your choice and have it delivered quick and easy. 

If you wish to know more about the variety of healthy food restaurants in Koh Samui, continue reading.

1. Greenlight Café

The trendy Greenlight Café is located in Bophut, a popular place amongst tourists and locals. The café serves vegan and vegetarian food, making it an ideal choice for healthy eaters and vegetarians alike. 

For those who wish to incorporate some meat into their dish, the café provides chicken and fish as an add-on option, making your food ordering experience more convenient than ever. 

The Greenlight Café sources all of their ingredients from local farmers’ markets and their local garden, ensuring that you have the freshest servings on your plate. The restaurant provides options like soups, salads, customizable rice bowls, wraps, and even a few delicious, yet healthy dessert selections.

2. Wild Tribe Superfood Café

The Wild Tribe Superfood Café specializes in curating some of the healthiest and most delicious dishes in Koh Samui. The restaurant has a ‘health is wealth’ philosophy, which translates into their food effortlessly. This café provides plenty of organic and nutritious superfood options, ensuring that every ingredient in your dish is incorporated with intention. 

The foods contain no MSG, no artificial coloring, and no preservatives. The restaurant also avoids fried-food and fast food, making it the perfect place for those watching their calories. Thailand is known to be home to some of the most delicious and exotic fruits. The Wild Tribe Superfood Cafe makes a note of this by providing 100% fresh fruit juices and delicious smoothies. 

For those who look at food as medicine, the restaurant also makes nutrient-dense ‘health shots’, known to have a variety of healing properties. You can order some of the basic health drinks and other healthy yet filling dishes. 

3. The Hungry Wolf 

The Hungry wolf is a small, yet dynamic restaurant located in ChawengKoh Samui. The restaurant focuses on serving high-quality meals that are not too heavy on the pocket. The Hungry Wolf serves a variety of Italian and European dishes, with special emphasis on taste and freshness. 

The restaurant bakes their own buns and bread, marinades all meats themselves, and prepares all of their sauces from scratch. The chefs use the right techniques to ensure that the food is cooked most healthily. 

With one glance of the menu, you will see that the ingredient list of each dish is mentioned alongside it. This way, you can know the exact foods that you are consuming and choose the best option as per your preferences. If you are looking for healthy food without compromising on taste, order from The Hungry Wolf for the perfect meal.

4. The Art Club

The Art Club is a vegan and vegetarian-based restaurant located in NathonKoh Samui. The restaurant prepares food that is 100% plant-based and guilt-free. When in Thailand, it is absolutely recommended to explore the delicious Thai cuisine. If you are a vegetarian, you need not fear missing out on delicious Thai food. 

This restaurant prepares some of the most popular Thai dishes using fresh, clean, and locally-grown ingredients. The restaurant has a range of options like the aromatic Peneng curry, the famous Massaman curry, delicious Khao Soi Noodles, and many more exciting dishes. If you are looking to have authentic, vegetarian Thai food, you can order your favorite meals from The Art Club.

5. Aroma Boutique

The Aroma Boutique is a coffee lounge and healthy deli located in Choeng MonKoh Samui. Aroma Boutique is known for its exclusive coffee specialties and simple yet delicious dishes. In this restaurant, you will find a range of easy snackable food options. You can order freshly grilled paninis and healthy salads for a filling and nutritious meal.

For snacks, you can find an array of delicious options like eggs benedict, gourmet cakes, and pasta. The restaurant also provides 100% fresh-pressed juices for a refreshing addition to the meal. The Thai food lovers can also find their favorites like Tom Kha Gai and Pad Thai Goong here. 

6. Olive Tree Greek Restaurant

The Olive Tree is a Greek restaurant that is located in ChawengKoh Samui. Greek food is known for its power-packed ingredients and fresh preparation methods. Mediterranean cuisine uses vegetables and nuts that are high in nutrition, without compromising on taste. 

The Olive Tree Greek Restaurant was founded by a Greek chef who decided to bring a taste of his country to Koh Samui. The restaurant provides several Greek dips like Tzatziki, Fava and Tryosalata. For main course options, you will find other authentic Greek dishes like Mousakas, Briam, and Stifado. 

You can also order healthy Greek salads and wraps if you are looking for low-calorie options. The entire menu at the Greek Restaurant is available for order. 

7. The Yogarden

The Yogarden is a vegan restaurant and café located in BophutKoh Samui. The Yogarden focuses on creating unique, healthy dishes that are vegan. The restaurant prepares delicious health drinks like Apple Broccoli Celery juice, Carrot Apple Ginger juice, and Pineapple Beetroot Carrot juice. All these are power-packed with rich vitamins and minerals. 

You will find a range of fresh salads that are prepared with seasonal fruits and vegetables and combined to create a delicious, wholesome dish. The Yogarden Raw Goodness Salad and Yogarden Super Salad are the standout dishes that are prepared with exotic fruits like mangoes and goji berries. You can also find healthy yet tasty rice and curry options for a more satiating meal. 

8. Bao Bao Café and Eatery

The Bao Bao Café and Eatery is located in MaenamKoh Samui and specializes in making fresh Asian bao buns and tapas. Asian food is typically steamed or stir-fried and uses healthy ingredients. 

At the Bao Bao Café, you will find a range of unique and tasty options like Bao Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab, Bao Black Angus Beef Burger, Bao Chicken Kimchi, Bao Falafel and many more. 

For appetizers, you can treat yourself to salads, dumpling, and snacks that are packed with authentic Asian flavors. To complete the meal, you can also order the freshly-made banana cake or carrot cake. Order from the Bao Bao café to taste healthy and tasty Asian food items.

Hangover Samui strives to provide people with the option of having fresh and delicious food delivered to their doorstep. Our pizza delivery service can be accessed on our website where we showcase a range of restaurants that you can order from.

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With the option of viewing the menu beforehand, different people in the group can order their liking and have it delivered to their doorstep. 

Hangover Samui is the best food delivery service in Koh Samui. You can choose to order food from over 70 restaurants of different cuisines. If you wish to grab a bite to eat, you can easily browse through the food options and pick one or more of your liking. 

You can even search for restaurants by name or type to find the best choice for you. Order from Hangover Samui to enjoy the best food delivery experience. 

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