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Order From These Restaurants To Get Appetizing European Food

Order From These Restaurants To Get Appetizing European Food

European cuisine in Koh Samui refers to food which is non-Asian. Similar to the broad categorization of Vietnamese, Thai and East Asian cuisines as ‘Asian Food’, preparations which depart from traditional Asian cooking style is known as ‘Western or European Food.’ European food is diverse with a common element.  Servings are large with a main dish of generous amount of meat and a variety of accompanying gravies and sides. European restaurants on the island tempt customers to step in for a sumptuous meal by advertising delicious slow cooked meat. They call it the ‘Sunday Roast.’ Choices from European restaurants include pasta, pizza, salads, barbecued meat, steaks, thick shakes and more. Being in Thailand does not deprave you of food that transports you to Europe. If you cannot make it to the restaurant, order in using our services and our efficient staff will answer your European food craving swiftly. 

The answer to your European food cravings

  1. Tam’s Restaurant & Guesthouse: Tam’s is a favorite lodging pick for travelers. Unlike other guesthouses which offer rooms with a great view and bland food, staying at Tam’s is the real deal. If you are in and around Chaweng/Bo Phut, Tom’s is a must visit. They have an English breakfast spread complete with Bacon & Eggs, choice of eggs and meat, and if you cannot decide between the egg preparations, an English breakfast. European food is the highlight here but if the craving is specific for Thai, that is available here as well. Tom’s is the answer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you cannot go to them, let us bring the food to you.
  1. Why not Bar & Restaurant: Serving American and Belgian food, Why not Bar & Restaurant offers delicious finger food and main course including pizza and hamburgers. Why not Bar & Restaurant is a good pick for small hunger pangs when the craving is for food which is satisfying. Choose from chicken wings, spring rolls, calzone and meaty pizzas.
  1. Connection Coffee & Cafe: Visitors here have rated Connection cafe as the best in the Chaeong Mon Brach Area and we agree.  The cafe is the best choice brunch choice in the island. Seating offers both indoor and outdoor. Run by Zack, Connection is a family friendly restaurant and for cat lover’s it is a must try place. Try their spaghetti, pancakes and salads with the secret special sauce. Connection is the best choice to order in brunch for a lazy stay-at-home day.
  1. Kebab Cafe: Kabab Cafe is located on Lamai Beach Road. They specialize in pizza by the slice, chicken kebab, coffee and cocktails. The extensive home delivery menu offers all the items of in-house dining. Isn’t it a treat to choose when you have the freedom to pick from a variety of burgers from Chicken chika red sandwich filled with marinated succulent pieces of boneless chicken with paprika on a bed of tomato oignon salad, to a triple cheese burger! If not the burgers, Kebab cafe also offers Croque Madame. Finish the meal on a sweet note with tiramisu. When you can have a three course meal like this home, why step out!
  1. Roman Turkish Restaurant: Roman Restaurant is a popular eatery both with locals as well as tourists. Serving authentic Turkish cuisine to the island, Roman restaurant also offers pasta, pizza and salads. Shrimp spaghetti is a must try here. The freshness of the catch is tasted in every bite. If you want to order in a light supper, the ideal choice would be their salads. Pick from shrimp, tuna and Shepard salad. Main course offered is a complete meal in itself with a portion of meat, rice and salad. Keep in mind before ordering that the portions are large and far too filling for one person to finish.
  1. Shake it: Shake it not only whips us the best thick shakes in Koh Samaiu, it serves healthy food. Trademark lunch serving style here is the bowls. When you order, say a chicken bowl, a generous serving of grilled marinated chicken accompanied by crunchy carrot, zucchini, red cabbage and tomato is served. The bowl is topped with an extra crunch of sesame, watermelon and sunflower seeds. The dressing is an intense yoghurt cilantro sauce. Shake it also offers delicious healthy pancakes like Green tea matcha gluten free pan cakes. Another must try here is the black lemonade- the perfect detox drink with activated charcoal. Here, everything on the menu looks so appetizing. For the food explorer, a recommended dish here is Black pasta with shrimp: pasta tossed with cilantro, chili, garlic and shrimp in the perfect ratio with black pasta. The most ignored meal is dinner, most of us skip it. Eat dinner from here once and you will come back for sure. There is only one option for dinner- Salmon with couscous and vegetables. You can try everything from the comfort of your home with our delivery services.
  2. Mr. Kebabo Samui: True to its name, Mr. Kebabo Samui serves everything kabab. Although the specialty restaurant offers a limited menu, the quality of the food served makes you forget the lack of choices. This is a go to place to order for falafel, chicken kebab wrap, chicken kebab pita bread, beef shawarma and Döner.  Rolls and pita kababs are a good choice for a healthy quick bite. A roll may not look filling but with the last bite you will be ready to throw the napkin down. Don’t underestimate the serving size, it is very deceptive. Mr. Kebabo Samui is the answer to healthy, fresh protein packed lunch.
  3. Aroy-Aroy: Aroy-Aroy is a lovely, cozy and informal restaurant serving authentic Russian food. Tucked in the by-lane of Mae Nam, the eatery has limited tables and a delicacy menu. While here, a must try is Chebrueki which is available in both beef and pork. From the Russian menu, they serve Hinkali, Vareniki Cabbage, potatoes and strawberry. Aroy-Aroy has a high value for money for food so delicious. Order in from Aroy-Aroy to satiate a Russian food craving. Russian food, in general, is not a choice which is easily found. At Koh Samui, Aroy-Aroy is prided to be the only Russian serving food.
  4. Billabong Surf Club: Koh Samui has a restaurant for each cuisine from world over. Billabong surf club specializes in American and Australian food. You may question that American and Australian is not European food but remember what was said earlier about the broad generalization? Foods served with a large portion of meat falls in the Western food category. Billabong Surf club serves the most authentic Aussie breakfast complete with 2 eggs (cooked as per instructions), baked beans, streaky bacon, sausages, tomato, mushrooms with toast and jam: breakfast fit for a king! If what want a snack midday, a bacon or baked bean on toast from the all-day breakfast menu is an option.  Why go through the process of purchasing fruits, cleaning and cutting them when you can have it delivered? Our food service offering from Billabong Surf Club also includes the fresh cut fruit bowl. For when you have a get together, order the starter from here.  18 Satay sticks of chicken or pork in the famous peanut satay sauce is a good appetizer choice for a group.
  5. Magnolia Cafe & studio: Menu from Magnolia Cafe & studio includes salads, sandwiches, burgers, Mediterranean cuisine, seafood and schnitzel. Diners at Magnolia Cafe speak highly of its service and quality of ingredients. A hit here is not the delicious main course but the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth homemade cheese cake. Don’t forget to order a desert.
  6. Stacked: The search for the best signature burgers on the island ends at Stacked. You can choose from the Classic burger, a mix of Australian Wagyu beef and Black Angus, over a layer of stacked house sauce between a black sesame bun accompanied by tomato and lettuce. Served with pickle, coleslaw or fries; to The Cowboy which is again a mixed beef patty stacked with crispy onion rings, BBQ cause, cheddar cheese and bacon. They offer BBQ ribs, stacked Mac and Pecan Pie. Considering what to order from here? Do not look beyond the signature burger menu, you will not be disappointed. Stacked is also one of the funkiest dining experiences in Samui.
  7.  Flavors: True to its name, Flavours offers a flavour filled meal. With a wide selection of appetizers (chicken nuggets, BBQ Satay, Chicken wings, meatballs, Empanadas, Croquettas, Nachos and Tempura), fine cut steaks and seafood specialities, Flavors has it all. A must try item here is the Tuna steak. If the starters whet your appetite for the main course, the dessert selection is the perfect close of a beautifully orchestrated meal.  Take a pick from Coconut Panna Cotta, fresh fruits or hot chocolate lava cake.
  8. Jack Doyle’s Irish Grille: Everything is Irish about Jack Doyle’s grille house. The menu offers salad, stir fries, sandwiches, Italian dishes, Homemade Irish Pies, BBQ meat, steak and Pub mains. The pub mains boast of two dishes: homemade Irish stew and Fish & Chips, a classic European favorite. If there is an occasion and you wish to serve the guests authentic Australian Roast Lamb but aren’t too confident of making it yourself, order it from Jack Doyle’s. They also offer Pork Ribs and Lamb chops. Hands down, it is one of the best places to dive into Western Food.
  9. The Hungry Wolf: The Hungry Wolf is often found on the 10 best places for European Food in Samui. If there is a place which serves the world on the plate, it is Hungry Wolf. The menu offers appetizer, soups, side dishes of sweet potato fries, French fries, gorgonzola & Parmesan arancini and Thai style rice balls. Burgers at Hungry Wolf are as delicious as its pizzas and equally loaded with toppings. With your favorite food, you can now also order a refreshing malted beverage.

Here is our pick of 14 choices of European food which we deliver. There is an option for every craving and food from these restaurants is delivered to all corner of the island.

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