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Great Places to Eat In Koh Samui


As a continuation of the series on the best top places to eat on Koh Samui, there is no doubt about the increase in popularity of this island. Are we to talk of its natural splendor, which can not only be seen in its stunning beaches and amazing laidback ambiance but also in its superb restaurant experiences or its perfect location? Dining in Koh Samui is part of any luxury beach holiday experience, and restaurants on the island serve classy, gourmet menus for great dining experience. Here are 11 other top-rated places to eat on Koh samui.


Located in Surat Thani, Dolce Italia is an incredible modest place to pop in for a sweet/dessert and a Cappuccino. The wide range of food offered is tantalizing. The owners and the Chef are Italian. This shines through their menus as well as the very friendly and laid back service. In addition to offering decent pasta and lasagna dishes, the restaurant offers different kinds of sweets including coconut sweets, crème puffs and éclairs among others, are way ahead of competition. A plus to this restaurant is the fast that it is wheelchair Accessible.


Located in the Centre of Maenam, Austrian corner offers German/Austrian dishes in addition to the Thai favorite cuisine. This welcoming restaurant offers a wide variety of local and continental dishes. The menu includes a wide selection of variations of Thai food, European and Mediterranean dishes. Whether it is breakfast, dinner or lunch plus complementing fresh draft beer, the Austrian corner is the perfect place to be. Pizzas are available and it is also a good place in case you miss French fries and sausages.

ANGELO’S, Bophut

Angelo's Brasserie delivers home-based cooking from Bophut. It is a terraced restaurant with a good variety of the usual Italian food.  All their meal ingredients are carefully selected to offer you the best of Italian foods. At Angelo’s, you will also enjoy original home-based European, Belgian and French cuisines. Additionally, the environment is refreshing and natural, Fan-cooled interior, internet facilities, good, tasteful background music to mention but a few. Angelo's Brasserie is the kind of place to relax and have a family get together. It is suggested that you make your bookings ahead.

Da Bardo, Mae Nam

Da bardo remain a tropical themed dining place for authentic Italian pizza. Located in Me Nam, Da Bardo is loaded with energy and passion, and will offer you the best in Italian pizza. Their signature offerings are made by a skilled Italian chef, who is making use of only quality ingredients collected from Italy. The pizzas are beautifully light and impressive, and will instantly make you feel like you are dining in Italy. There menu list contains a lot of remarkable food items. One of their best selling foods is the salami piccante – a blend of salami, tomatoes, and mozzarella. They also have 4-cheese and a vegetarian pizza. In case you are tired of the regular pizza, you can try their calzone. It is similar to a giant folded pizza, but looks like a pie. Da Bardo’s Frutti de Mare is a real seafood treat and a sweet alternative for those who do not like cold cuts or meat on their pizza. You can also get a combination of incredible flavors on top of crispy thin dough. When it comes to Pizza, Da Bardo is exceptional!


Whenever Italian food comes to your mind, Don Vito's is the perfect place to stimulate your appetite. Located in Surat Thani, this restaurant has a cool and calming ambiance that is great for dinner with family/friends. Their team of expert culinary makes use of the freshest ingredients to prepare convectional favorites Don Vito’s regulars are enthusiastic about. Menus served at Don Vito's include lasagna, homemade ravioli or gnocchi, pizza, pepperoni and anchovies, Caprese style salad of mozzarella, fresh basil, and ripe tomatoes among others. They also offer freshly baked breads, Flavorful soups, seafood gotten daily, as well as a wide range of Italian desserts. The staffs at Don Vito’s are attentive, and their accommodating service will make your night on the town or special occasion an even more memorable experience.


Located in T.Bophut, Jack Doyle's Irish Grille offers a good selection of Thai food plus the conventional fish n chips. From classic and contemporary Irish dishes to a personalized breakfast, lunch and dinner menus to satisfy your cravings, you experience the unique taste of Thailand in the food prepared by Jack Doyle's innovative and talented chef. This restaurant also features superb collection of spirits and great beers, ciders and lagers. The bar has wide TV screens all over the bar with a huge variety of football channels. The combination of its incredible culinary, spacious and modern setting makes Jack Doyle’s Irish Grille offer a great dining experience. Jack Doyle’s also offer customized party packages and menus according to your specifications and can house parties of any size. To get the best of Jack Doyle’s Irish Grille, it is suggested you make a quick reservation.


Very popular as a family café and for its yummy gelatos and quality coffee, casa Italia is often refer to as the home of Italian comfort food. This restaurant offers a perfect relaxing venue where you can eat solo or with family/friends. There menu list include crispy Pizza, home-made seafood pasta served with only Italian wines and Perroni Beer. Their starter platter is an excellent prelude to your pizza quest. Their olives and cold cuts are wonderfully presented with bread for you to eat whilst waiting for other orders. Another combo to try is the meat and cheese starter.  Consider a large plate of assorted cheeses, toasts, Italian ham, olives and other cold cuts – It is just matchless! In general, Casa Italia is a remarkable spot should you desire a break from Thai food and need a perfect place where you can munch first-class pizza and get immense tasting sweets. It is advised you book ahead.


Whenever you visit koh samui, make it a point to visit Kebab Café. Located at Lamai Beach Road, this restaurant has great ambience, good wine selection and a wide selection of lovely Italian foods. There menu list includes chicken kebab, cocktails, pizza slices, Shisha, coffee, and ice cream. The green bean and hummus starters offered by this restaurant are excellent just as the garlic prawns. The staffs are friendly and helpful. Kebab Café is well worth a visit.


Located at Choeng Mon, this small restaurant offers exceptional appetizing pizzas. The pizzas are made from top quality ingredients that make them taste really good. In addition, the truffle cream on the Ferrari pizza is not messing about, and a fantastic salami variety is also available. Their tomato sauce is yummy; the dough is thin and perfectly cooked to be soft.  The Ferrari pizza remains their bestseller. If after taking it you do not utter a satisfactory comment, then you need to work on your taste buds.


Without any doubt, Phat burger remains the most popular burger joint in Chaweng, Koh Samui. This restaurant makes some of the best yummy burgers in Thailand that eating just one can never be sufficient. If you are nostalgic and really miss your comfort foods like fries and onion rings, Phat Burger will make you exceptionally happy. Their burgers are freshly made, big and above all, appetizing. Every bite of their burgers is greatly fulfilling that you will really respect the brand although they sell only in small stands and can be found everywhere in Koh samui. Phat burger is a nice place and a must visit in Koh Samui.


Tantalize your cravings with the best Italian cuisine Koh Samui has to offer. Located at Chaweng, this restaurant is classy and takes pleasure in its genuine Italian specialties, including wood-fired pizzas (a kind of zesty seafood and homemade pastas creations) plus an outstanding wine list that comprises both local and imported brands. Prego features an al fresco pizza oven complimented by its large layout, outdoor-style dining setting and subtle lighting hints that is low enough to offer an exclusive environment. This restaurant has an extensive menu that is over 100 genuine Italian dishes. The back of the restaurant features a comfortable bar area with natural live bamboo walls, providing the ideal spot for enjoying drinks and cocktails and possibly a cigar. Honestly, Prego is a must visit! I would advise you make your bookings ahead.

In conclusion, do you plan traveling to Samui? Whether you are after a romantic evening or a hearty seafood meal with friends, Koh Samui will not disappoint. It is a cooking delight for food lovers, and you will leave the island dreaming of all the incredible dishes you ate as well as the outstanding restaurants visited. For more details and a complete exclusive guide that will assist you to gain the most of your holiday, visit (insert details).

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