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Eight Places for the Best Seafood in Koh Samui

Eight Places for the Best Seafood in Koh Samui

Good seafood satiates the stomach and nurtures the soul, but it is not always easy to get. If you are in Koh Samui however, the situation becomes a lot easier simply based on where you are located. Surrounded by a tropical climate in an idyllic setting. It is hard to imagine that you do not have access to plentiful seafood in the area. And where there is enough ingredients, a chef will soon follow. It is no surprise therefore that Koh Samui plays host to a multitude of seafood restaurants, with many places specializing in their own particular variations. From spicy to bland, flavorful to mild, the range of dishes you can find in the seafood category is staggering, and can easily leave the mind confused. Too many choices is never a good thing, and it is  to remember that just because you have choices does not mean that they will always be good.

One pitfall of having too many restaurants serving the same dishes is that you  ensure that they have all hired qualified cooks. Many smaller places rely on family members and home cooking in their business, and while some of these places are truly exceptional, most just serve the standard fare. When you are ordering in food with a food delivery service, you need to ensure that you buy only the most delectable dishes. With a variety that is unmatched with almost any other kind of food, there are a few special qualities you can focus on while choosing a restaurant. These include the freshness and quality of the ingredients, the fresher, the better. The skill of the chef is vital in preparing many fish based dishes, and the kind of fishes used and the recipes they are used on all contribute towards creating a successful restaurant. In addition to this, an innovative menu that creates something that stands out from the norm is bound to get noticed. Gathered here is a list of eight restaurants that serve the best seafood in Koh Samui. If you are looking to get some good seafood delivered, then consider these restaurants today.

The Eight Best Restaurants for Seafood in Koh Samui:

 Seafood offers a wide variety of recipes to experience, and you are bound to find new variations to try each time you decide to get seafood. So many choices could easily leave you confused, and so we have made a list of eight best seafood restaurants in Koh Samui that yoi could easily turn to whenever you are looking for a great seafood meal. Only the best of the best have made it on this list, and the food served at these places is to die for. These restaurants where chosen based on their overall popularity, the quality of food served, customer satisfaction, innovation and how good the food tasted. These are places that make you want to order from the same place, again and again. So order from these restaurants and try out their food today!

  1. Had Bang Po: One of the best places in Koh Samui to get seafood is Had Bang Po. Located right on the beach, you can easily make this location a part of your day by visiting when you go to the beach. A cold beer as your entrees come in makes for an almost perfect afternoon full of good food and relaxation. A restaurant that is famous for their Thai flavors, they make full use of Thai recipes and spices to transform their dishes into a tropical ambrosia. A definite recommendation if you want to order from this place is their fish cake entree. The fish explodes with flavors inside your mouth, with each flake of the fish adding more stimulation to the tastebuds. It is a delicious dish that could easily become something you order regularly when you visit here. Had Bang Po is also very budget friendly, combining quality foods with affordable prices. The addition of Thai flavors also creates wonderful flavors that must be experienced in order to truly understand what makes the food here delicious.
  2. Krua Chao Ban: Another place right next to the beach, it is one of many that have sprawled along the length of the stretch, each offering delectable flavors to entice passing customers. At Krua Chao Ban, the spacious interiors and the Western food combine to create an ambience that transports the customer outside lf Koh Samui. But that is not all they have to offer. Sure they have Western food available, but that does not mean that they do not serve up some mean Thai dishes as well. Try out their red snapper, caught fresh in the day and combined with ginger and chillies to create an effect that transports you right to the streets of Thailand. If you are looking to take your taste buds travelling, then Krua Chao Ban is the place to get food from.
  3. Takho Bangpo: Not every famous place is upscale. Takho Bangpo is an example of an affordable, tourist friendly restaurant that is not just a favorite among tourists, but among locals as well. Here, not only do you get to interact with the locals, you also get to try out an adventurous cuisine that will make your tastebuds explore new tastes. Try their wasp larvae for an experience in eating insects, their horse crab salad served with mango is another innovation in the world of food. But do not worry, if you do not like adventurous eating, then they have traditional Thai fare as well. Try out their rich coconut and seafood curry, or even their satays meant to tingle the tastebuds. And their crunchy fried fish is absolutely worth dying for.

  1. Red Snapper Restaurant and Bar: When it comes to stylish dining, the Red Snapper Restaurant and Bar takes the top spot in Koh Samui. Located in a chic, upmarket area, this restaurant serves world class cuisine that makes it stand out from all other restaurants in the area. The most interesting thing about this restaurant is their huge menu which encompasses food from Thailand, Mediterranean as well as European cuisine. Located in a popular tourist spot in Chaweng, there is never a time when this restaurant is completely empty.
  1. Kob Thai: Sometimes, it is those restaurants that are tucked away somewhere hard to locate that wind up being amazing finds for the palate. Kob Thai is one of those restaurants. Located almost 500 metres away from the beach, in order to find this place you may need to enlist the help of a local, or even better, hire a tuk tuk. The restaurant serves traditional Thai dishes like Tom Yum soup and green fish curry. For dessert, you could always go for a sticky white coconut rice with mango.
  2. Barracuda @ The Wharf: If you find yourself in Bo Phut, then this restaurant is one you must definitely go to. A popular spot that serves Mediterranean fare, this place gives you the perfect opportunity to take your tongue to a place with a completely different food culture and heritage. All this is done using fresh and local produce, which is a feat in itself because local produce need not always complement Mediterranean dishes. The use of ingredients such ad beans as well as Mediterranean spices creates dishes that well complements the local weather. Ideal food that can be enjoyed in Koh Samui, the seafood available here forces you to take a trip down another food culture that has developed around a beach. Tender fish meets expert cooking to present a cuisine that those who have experienced, keep coming back for. For a different spin on seafood in Koh Samui, try out this restaurant today, and experience the magic of Mediterranean flavors.
  3. Som Restaurant: A restaurant that makes it a priority to enjoy the quiet solitude along with the atmosphere it brings, Som Restaurant is built quite a distance away from the island’s busy port. In the quiet surroundings, you can enjoy the tropical scenery with a cool glass of beer, as you enjoy with your family or friends. The reasonable prices available here ensure that you do not have to worry about ripping a hole in your pocket when you choose to buy food from here. Try their delicious garlic prawns, fried snapper and seafood fried rice. The taste of the sea explodes in your mouth with powerful flavors, and you can rest assured that the experience will be exhilarating. They also serve food other than seafood, such as a delicious curry, coconut shake or even a salad.
  4. Dara Serene Restaurant: Often heralded as one of the most romantic restaurants in Koh Samui, the Dara Serene Restaurant is located in Chaweng. If you are someone that loves the thought of indulging in the day’s fresh seafood catches, then this restaurant is the place to go. But what happens when you want to bring along a person who is a vegetarian? Well, this restaurant has made reservations for that, and serves delicious vegetarian fare alongside seafood. If you are looking for a comprehensive seafood meal, try their Seafood Set. It uses as ingredients fish, shells, crab and lobster and gives the ultimate experience when it comes to eating seafood. Their decent serving sizes will ensure that you never go hungry, and you pay money for a quality experience. Try out their shrimp rolls, their Calypso pizza, or even their tiger prawns. Each dish is created to impress the palate, making the food from this restaurant a must taste if you are in Koh Samui. 

There are many more quality seafood restaurants in Koh Samui, but these are the ones that truly stand out. If you want to get food delivery, then ensuring that you are ordering from one of these restaurants will guarantee a good meal that you will remember for some time to come. From fresh ingredients to explosive flavors, these restaurants elevate the local produce and create dishes to magnify their taste. A combination that may not be found anywhere else in the world, Koh Samui is a hotspot for delicious seafood. These restaurants still manage to come out on top over their competitors however, and that is only because they are the best at what they do. So if you want to order in delicious seafood at any time of the day, consider these places. Next to visiting them yourself, getting their food delivered to you is the next best thing.

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