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Craving Some Mouth Watering Meaty Pizzas? Order From These Restaurants

Craving Some Mouth Watering Meaty Pizzas? Order From These Restaurants

Everybody loves pizza. Pizza as a dish began to be served to the hungry public after the mass immigration of Italians post World War II. The Americans who were discharged from the war started seeking exotic flavors they had grown accustomed to especially the local Italian cuisine. Pizza was easy to make with locally sourced ingredients. It soon became a robust fast food favorite. There are now variations of pizza to suit local taste buds but the classics like Margherita never go out of style.   

For Italians, food is the founding pillar. Every Italian loves their food as much as they adore their families, and their passion is evident with every melt-in-the-mouth bite of traditional meals. Each family has a spin-off of famous dishes which they will readily share with you if you break bread with them. 

Pizza is one such dish which can be found for a throwaway price or burning a hole in the pocket. Yes, there is a pizza with a topping of caviar served in a top restaurant in NYC which is priced higher than a car. But, this is a post about where to find local, satiating thick to thin crust pizza which will be delivered in time to any location you want. Pricing of the pizza varies according to the thickness of the crust and choice of toppings. Although, pizza in essence, is the simplest of dishes, it can have a signature taste based on the chef and the ingredients used. 

Online food service is a great option when you are either lazy to personally walk into your favorite restaurant or are logistically too far from making it on time. Online food ordering extends your reach to restaurants you wouldn’t try otherwise. In Koh Samui, there are numerous restaurants offering cuisines from world over. Included in this list are pizza joints which serve authentic, meaty extravaganza which hits the right spot to satiate a pizza craving. If you don’t know where to start because you’re spoilt for choice or need help in deciding, we present our pick of favorite Italian restaurants.

  1. Massimo’s: If you are looking for authentic Italian food, Massimo’s is the answer. Known among locals and travelers for consistency in quality and taste, you will never taste food which is off flavor, ever from this joint. Customers have the option to choose their own toppings. Do you want a meat extravaganza? Choose all the meat you want and sea food. Enjoy thin crust pizza from the comfort of your couch on a busy day or a lazy week by ordering from Massimo’s.

  1. Pizza, Pizza: You don’t have to go hunting for this hidden gem of a pizza place. Order for delicious sides like homemade bruschetta, mixed salad or even tomato& mozzarella from home. Pizza, Pizza is a great option to order food for a party. They have delicious appetizers. If you do not look with skepticism at pineapple on a pizza, order for the Hawaii, you will be pleasantly surprised with the bits of ham you find in every bite. Popular reviews of Pizza, Pizza read that “if you want a piece of Italy, go to Pizza, Pizza”

  1. Christy’s Oven: Christy’s Oven serves the original wood oven Italian pizza. Thin crust pizzas from here do not disappoint. The well done golden crust is not too hard that it feels crisp like a biscuit and neither is it too soft that it fails to add a crunch! Although the pizzas are priced a little over average, the taste is worth every baht. Order once and you will surely get hooked on to it.

  1. Bella Napoli: Craving for pieces of meat with every bite? Order the Quattro Stagioni, a divine combination of Italian ham, salami, parmesan and mozzarella cheese. Pizza cannot get better than this! Italians, who are far from home and cannot go to a restaurant to feast on their favorite food, can have it delivered from the most authentic Italian restaurant in Koh Samui- Bella Napoli. Food quantity is good so order according to hunger meter.   

  1. The Hungry Wolf: An answer to specific hunger pangs is food from The Hungry Wolf. Try the Capricciosa- pizza with a base of tomato sauce with mushrooms, cheese, salami, ham, sausage and artichoke. Sounds mouthwatering, doesn’t it? Hungry Wolf is the perfect choice when you crave for pizza with a side of pork buns or burgers. A weird combination, yes, to have a pizza with a burger, but when the craving hits, it sure isn’t rational.

  1. Don Vito: Choose from Diavola, Hawaiian, Sea food and Prosciutto Funghi to calm a meat craving stomach. Given a chance, it is recommended to visit the restaurant just to meet the warm owner. Don Vito is a great choice for quiet dinners with family and friends. The simplest pizza here, pepperoni and anchovies will blow your mind away. All pizzas are thin crust. You need to eat here to understand what ‘soft-crisp’ crust means!

  1. Prego: Koh Samui’s fine dine Italian open air pizzeria is Prego. Just for the experience of superlative customer service, a visit to Prego is recommended. Prego is run by premier Italian chef Marco Boscaini and it prides itself in serving authentic Italian specialties like wood fire pizza, homemade pasta and scrumptious seafood creations. What’s more, this is one of the few pizzerias which offer a gluten free menu. Don’t forget to order for a dessert with the pizza, the Tiramisu is one of the finest in whole of Koh Samui. 

  1. Nigel’s Pizza: Named after the owner Nigel, if you crave for authentic Italian pizza made with love, like the way Italian food is supposed to be created, Nigel’s is the place. Each base is handmade by the owner himself and the takeout joint is packed throughout the day. Although the selections here on the menu may seem quite limited, the customer is free to load the pizza with any topping of choice. The result: bite into a pizza of your own creation and brag about the choice when you recommend to friends. Don’t miss to try the Meaty Blues- Italian sausage, ham, sausage, mozzarella and blue cheese; are you starting to get hungry yet?

  1. Risto Luca: Risto Luca is a true eatery. The ambiance of the place is plain but the taste of food makes it one of the best quick eateries in Bophut. There is absolutely no curb appeal to this place but if you eat here once, you will come back within a week. The freshness of all the ingredients can be tasted in every bite. When you eat here, you can taste the passion and love Luca, the head chef put in every dish.  Pizzas from the gastronomy of Risto Luca are nothing short of a culinary art. It may be new, but is swiftly building a loyal fan following.

  1. Da Bardo: Hands down, one of the best restaurants in the island is Da Bardo. Everything from pasta to tiramisu is spectacular. Service and management of Da Bardo are excellent. Food is always hot and each bite reminds you of Italy. The next time you are an Italian craving for a taste of home, order in from Da Bardo. If you can’t decide what to order, get one of each: Capriccoisa, Quattro Formaggi, and you will not be disappointed. Bear in mind though, the size of each pizza is easily as big as the car tire. Well, you can stock up instead! Besides, cold pizza is any day better than fresh out of the oven!

  1. Roman Restaurant: Don’t view with speculation if a Turkish eatery also offers pizza. In fact, Roman Restaurant serves delicious pizzas. You can have hummus as well as pizza for dinner. Before you judge, try the Pizza Roman and you will order the same on the next delivery. For a complete meat-galore of a meal, order for the Kiymali or Kusbasili Pide with a Pizza king.

  1. Federico’s: One loo of the pizza offering from Fedrico’s and you start wishing you had a gluttonous appetite. A must try here is Pizza 4 cheeses. Fedrico’s is the best place to explore meat pizzas. Order one every time and choose your favorite. May be a tough pick!

  1. Casa Italia: Italian comfort food is what you need then Casa Italia is the place to be. Casa Italia is a quaint eatery which serves the best coffee and gelato. A double treat, indeed. Order a complete meal with a starter plate of olives and cold cuts, main of pizza and end it on a sweet note with a Ferrero Rocher gelato. 

  1. Gusto Italiano: A day out in the beach is incomplete without dining in at Gusto Italiano. Good place, with a good view: can there be a better holiday than this? Yes, a better option would be enjoying a delicious meal from Gusto Italiano after a busy working day, sitting in you sweatpants watching your favorite T.V show. One pizza that deserves a special mention here is Bufalina with a not so secret addition of buffalo mozzarella. If you are craving for something cheesy, try the Quattro formagi: cheesy crusted heaven. 

  1. Sa- Mons: Sa-mons puts delicious in the food! With creative ingredients, there is no other place on the island which offers such a picturesque view with class A food. Everything from the bread served here to the ice creams is nothing short of amazing. A must try pizza from here is the creamy, bacon mushroom pizza. Three unique, strong ingredients meld beautifully into one delightful dish. 
  1. Dr. Frogs: A local’s favorite place to dine just for the stylish décor is Dr. Frogs. It is not just a place which is tastefully done, but offers surprisingly delicious pizzas. Order the Capriccioso, a dish made with their delicious house sauce, topped with a generous amount of olives, mushrooms and cheese. 

  1. Why not Bar & Restaurant: Sometimes there is intense craving for bar food. Stepping into a bar and not having anything to drink may not seem like a good idea. For times like these, an option of ordering in is a gift. Why not Bar & Restaurant offers a delicious spread. Order for a side of fiery chicken wings with a Diavoli pizza. A recommended dish here is the Isola, a unique pizza made with house tomato sauce, eggs, ham and mozzarella. 
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