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10 Best Late Night Restaurants In Koh Samui

10 Best Late Night Restaurants In Koh Samui

Koh Samui has a rich and thriving nightlife. In fact, the island city is believed to have some of Thailand’s best nightlife options on offer, besides the widely known Phuket and Pattaya. Pubs and restaurants are open throughout the night, catering to late-night revelers partying it up on Koh Samui’s white sandy beaches. Nights in Koh Samui are nothing short of enthralling, with all the various activities made available for tourists and citizenry.

From transgender cabaret shows to boxing arenas or cheap whiskey bars to gourmet restaurants serving up delectable Thai cuisine, you will never fall short of options. Everything here will keep you amused when you come to Koh Samui and wish to keep your nights entertaining and enjoyable!

And did we even mention Samui’s night markets yet? Walking street markets are organized during nighttime in many parts of Koh Samui. You can buy local products, jewelry, clothes and so much more. 

Even if you aren’t inclined towards shopping, these night markets are a must-do when in Koh Samui. The colorful stalls lining the streets buzzing with night shoppers and street performers are sure to make for an unforgettable memory.

After spending long hours walking through the island streets, exploring or merrymaking, it is natural that you will need to refuel. How else will you continue conquering the night? Koh Samui has a good number of late-night restaurants serving up grub to late-night pub hoppers and merrymakers so that they can resume their next round of revelry. When in Koh Samui, the party never has to stop. Night or day, the island city will keep you engaged at all hours.

In this article, we discuss 10 of Koh Samui’s best late-night restaurants. Want to find out what they are? Continue reading below –

Top 10 late night restaurants in Koh Samui

1. Ark Bar – Any self-respecting pub-hopper in Thailand would have heard of Samui’s Ark Bar. Ark Bar is little less than an institution in Koh Samui. The beachfront bar and restaurant serves food and drinks and even boasts a live DJ service. Fire dancers, fire shows and dancing on the beach are attractions that pull visitors traveling from different parts of the world to Ark Bar. Located in Chaweng, the bar resort describes itself as prime party destination in Samui island and has been designed to suit this purpose. If you are looking for calm and quiet, this is not the place for you. However, if you don’t wish to go down to the bar itself, you can avail food delivery in any of the 300 rooms at the resort. 

2. Soi Green Mango – Another late-night and delivery restaurant located in the central area of Cheweng, Soi Green Mango is sure to enliven up your night. Soi’s popularity may have suffered ever since all the beachfront bars came up in Koh Samui. But it still diligently offers up good times to party people on the island, drinking and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. If you happen to be in and around Soi Green Mango, you can also opt for delivery service from the club, to meet your late-night hunger cravings.

3. On Street Bar – On Street Bar is an innovative watering hole in Cheweng, Koh Samui, open till late. It is entirely decorated with reclaimed furniture and old artifacts – set on the open ground. Extremely popular with the young crowd, On Street Bar also provides food delivery service.

4. Soi Reggae – Soi Reggae is another late night-restaurant in Cheweng, with reasonably priced alcohol, pool tables, impressive live-band, and a spacious dance floor. The venue plays reggae music until midnight, after which, the DJ begins to play techno. Want to grab a bite, late into the night, in Cheweng? Soi Reggae is the food delivery restaurant you should pick. Of course, the dining experience is much better had in person, but we realize how that might not be the need of the hour in some instances.

5. Nikki Beach Samui – Don’t treat Nikki Beach as merely a late-night food delivery service provider, when in Koh Samui. Nikki Beach is well known for its beach barbecues, buffets, and live music performances. The place is recognized for its effortless catering and service, as well as the smooth and delicious cocktails it serves.

6. Beach Republic – Beach Republic in northern Lamai serves modern Thai and international cuisine on its menu. It conducts whiskey and cigar brunches from time to time. Live music from national and international artists and DJs and an array of other exciting events make it more than a food delivery restaurant. 

7. Coco Tams – Coco Tams in Bophut is a fun beach bar with beanbag seating on the beach, cabanas, swing seats at the bar, shisha and a big projector screen. It is an ideal place to unwind and one of the most popular nightspots in Koh Samui. So if lounging with a drink in hand under a starry sky is your idea of enjoyment, Coco Tams is the place for you. It marks the end of the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street market and is equally popular with tourists and locals alike.

8. Central Lamai Beer Bars Plaza – Bang in the center of Lamai and opposite McDonald's is a 2,000 sqm plaza with a dozen beer bars, some of which may even have dancing poles. All of these bars function independently and compete between themselves to woo customers. On Saturdays, a free Lady Thai wrestling contest is organized in the middle of the plaza for everyone’s entertainment.

9. Bar Solo Samui – Another Bar Solo forming the essential pub-tour triad in Koh Samui. Soi Bar Solo is a snazzy two-story bar in Chaweng. The club has six plasma screens which air major sporting events. It also provides pool tables and gives away cocktails for half its price during happy hours from 14:00-20.00. If you’re planning to eat out here instead of making use of their food delivery service, come by early. You will be kept waiting for a bar stool or table otherwise. Even the dance floor gets packed soon, thanks to the spirited music playing in the club.

10. Legends Bar – Famous watering hole located in Chaweng Road, the music played here is very selective. You will be able to enjoy classic rock anthems from the 60s-90s. Rock, Pop, Hard Rock and Blues figure among the other music genres played. Never will you find a boy band playing at Legends. Legends Bar may or may not be running a delivery service. But if one wishes to feel the place, one needs to visit here alone or with dear friends late at night. There's nothing like drinking beer with food and some authentic blue music as an accompaniment. 

How to make the most of these late-night restaurants

When in Koh Samui, one ought to party. Koh Samui is emerging as Thailand’s veritable party destination, after Pattaya and Phuket. If you are tired of visiting the same locations in Thailand every time you come visiting, it is time to switch things up and drop your Pattaya plans for Koh Samui. 

The beautiful island has a lot of nightlife to offer that you will never miss out. Feel like shopping late into the night? Visit the night markets strewn around the island city. Want to have a wild night? Hop into one of those full moon parties organized around the island and dance your night away. Much rather unwind with a couple of drinks on the beach?

There are various beachfront bars and pubs to cater to you. Koh Samui will take care of your nightly entertainment. You can attend a street party with fire play and pole dancing women, sample Thailand’s traditional lady-boy cabaret, or be audience to a boxing match. One thing is for sure. You will be hungry after all of this entertainment and on the lookout for restaurants open till late to cater to your hunger. 

Koh Samui’s culture and nightlife have necessitated that it accommodates late-night restaurants. So, finding one won’t be troublesome. However, which among these late-night restaurants should you visit? 

We have discussed the top 10 late night restaurants in Koh Samui, according to us, in this article and detailed why we think they are worth checking out! Some are traditional watering holes, and others are stylish storeyed pubs. Others double up from primarily a drinking facility to a restaurant set-up serving top-notch world cuisine. All of these spaces prioritize the music and seating, which define the mood of a place. 

If you are in Koh Samui and happen to be partying till late, don’t forget to grab a bite in at least a few of these ten pubs and restaurants. You won’t regret the experience. Some of them even provide delivery service. You can call them up and enquire about their food delivery facility if you happen to put up in a hotel near these places. 

Most of them are centrally located in Cheweng. So if you've booked your accommodation here, you may not even have to walk out to sample the tasty culinary fare made available by these late-night restaurants!

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