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Why has online advertising become such a chore, and you really ask yourself - why bother? Now many browsers come with ad-blockers, so you feel like you're throwing your money away. So many ad platforms serve ads that are just ugly. Many times when a user sees your ad, it is their first impression. So why use a platform were the layout is not attractive, or your advert shows for 5 seconds and then another advert shows, why? Well, that is how many websites try to get as many ads as possible.

On Hangover Samui our average pages per session is 9.15. The average time per session is 7:21. So that means your ad will show an average time of 48 seconds. That is a lifetime when it comes to an online ad. We would rather show your ad for 48 seconds than show 48 ads in the same amount of time.We have built and integrated our advertising system directly into our site.

We work with you and design your ad image, we also sit with you and design your “Landing Page”. Currently you can go to just about any website and click on an advert. It loads a new page, either in the same window or a different window, then you have to find out how to contact them, or find what you're looking for. It would be nice to click the ad and see everything right then. We have done this. Ad blockers will not work because your ads are a part of our site, they are not being loaded from some other site. We use no tracking cookies (Facebook and Google) that will track you while on our site because we do use their API’s for certain things. Hangover does not use any tracking cookies. Say you want to rent a boat, you click on the ad, and if you are a Hangover Customer you only have to set a date, say for how many people and how long. Non Hangover Samui customers have to enter their name, email, phone so you can contact them back.

We can also provide you with a monthly report, impressions, clicks, and show you exactly how your ad is performing on our site. If it's performing poorly we will give you suggestions and ideas to help make it perform better. We help you make your ad image if you do not have a designer, or if you do not have an image. One thing to keep in mind is with online advertising, you can not be afraid to call your baby ugly. You want an ad that preforms, not just show a sea view, or a full bar. We will also design the landing page for you, if you do not know what a landing page is, it is the page you go to after you click an ad. We will design it using the latest technology. Design is not just how it looks, but much more as to how it performs. Basically you pay the money and we do the rest. Instead of just showing the ad, we help it make your money back.

Why is advertising on Hangover Better?

  • Our users spend money online.
  • Ad-Blockers will not work on our ads.
  • We help design a landing page for you.
  • Everyone eats, chances are you have ordered with us.

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